MASS FOR LIVING is a complete musical resource that invites full and active participation in the life of the church.


Imagine you walk though the church doors and see people; young and old, who are really singing and love being there. You hear music that is vibrant, relevant and engaging but it sounds familiar because they are the actual words used in the Eucharist!


Finally you feel like you might belong here because the music is friendly while being prayerful. The hymns are modern and Scripturally relevant and the lyrics speak of gospel values.


The choir leaders and musicians seem to know what they're doing. They're calm and confident because they have rhythm backing tracks. They sound like professionals!  The choir is following the power points that only took them 10 mins to organise. The music leaders have ticked their copyright list in under 5 mins and ICEL has approved their choices. Their congregation now knows the NEW English Translation by heart.


Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate Mass and Liturgy with great music and walk out feeling uplifted and connected? 


This resource has a 126 page sheet music pdf, lyric booklets, beautifully designed 'colour sensitive' power points and copyright with liturgical guidelines. 


 Entire 3 x CD’s or Full Digital Download is $79.95

There are options to also purchase volumes, sheet music, mass setting and hymns separately HERE

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