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A funny thing happened on the way to the Ferrari shop..ugh...I mean school.


We used to live in the city and we drove past a Ferarri shop everyday to primary school. My son (who was 5 at the time) asked me a very serious question." Mum how much is a red Ferrari?" I winced and tried my best..."oh its very expensive." He replied "like $10, maybe even $100?" I laughed and said "Oh no. More like many, many thousands of dollars." He didn't quite understand so I said, "It's almost half of one of those little houses over there." (pointing at a little old cottage.) He looked a bit perplexed and then went silent. 


After a few minutes he grew a huge grin in the rear vision mirror and piped up saying" How about a blue one?!" 

A Red Ferrari was an 'ideal fit' for him. We need to dream that our experience of our community liturgies can be an 'ideal fit' for our place.

What is your Red Ferrari experience for your faith community? 

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