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Empowering Musicians

Working together to support and encourage each other as musicians is key to building a strong community. A delight to meet 'Saga' the golden girls of youth ministry. 


Creativity and Liturgy

Creative ideas can flourish when we dream together. Organise Anne Maree Higgins to run your next workshop or present a keynote.


Staff Conferences 

Staff Conferences are invaluable to experience music and creativity for liturgy in action. 


Keynote Speakers

Sharing the stage in our presentations to staff from catholic educators from around Australia. (Drew Lane and Anne Maree Higgins)


Lent 2021

The National U.S Pastoral

Musicians Association

invited Anne Maree to present

a unique workshop on

"Lent in the Southern 



Presented by Anne Maree

Higgins and Kelly Barth 


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