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“I love the freedom and control during the lesson and the teacher's ability to constantly try and improve you. I've been able to discover parts of my range that I've never touched because of a lack of confidence and have started being comfortable with singing in my bridge.”

Satsuki Minoda- Lead Singer of Cartoon

What is IVA?


The Institute for Vocal Advancement is an internationally renowned organisation housing some of the best vocal technicians in the world. IVA seeks to provide the very best in vocal education for teachers and the most recent and up to date vocal research.  It is also a not for profit organisation and provides webinars, international visits and master classes for students. IVA works to provide proper ‘functioning’ for the voice while upholding the singer’s unique ‘aesthetics’ and style.

Singing is about being able to work within an equilibrium of air and muscle. IVA vocal pedagogy enables a smooth transition between registers and the singer can easily negotiate their way through the transitions of the voice whilst maintaining a resting larynx. For example you can still get an ‘edgy’ sound without straining or a ‘breathy’ style without being weak.


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As a child, unbeknownst to her, Annie Higgins was named the “ Little Canary ” by her Vietnamese babysitter, Hong Ha. It was fate then, having been likened to such a sweet songbird, that this Sydney born musician went on to become a sought after vocal coach and published songwriter. 


Pulled out of class to sing in front of the school at the age of 10yrs, Annie went on to write her first song at 16yrs and study with vocal coach Leigh McRae, learning about Speech Level Singing. In her early writing years she recorded with 1927's producer Garry Frost, mixed with ELO and The Corrs when they came to town and was a senior vocal coach at Big Music Crows Nest. After a successful transition into Canary Studios Annie went on to teach Australia's Got Talent finalist Leon Lee and many more professional singers.

Annie Higgins has trained with vocal master coaches all over the world and completed the Speech Level Singing and IVAcertified vocal courses to be a certified III coach. The life of this six year course introduced her to master coaches such as John Henny, Jeffry Skouson, Sancha Prowse, Spencer Welch, Dave Stroud, Wendy Parr and Guy Babusek of whom she remains to work with currently.

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